Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing the joy

Dotty for You is such happy paper. I couldn't wait to do something fun with it.  In the Dr.'s office I saw pinwheels for a touch of decor.  I had forgotten how fun pinwheels are and how easy.  Then I saw a post on and knew what I wanted to do.
Lots of Pinwheels made with Dotty for You paper.

Here are the first two projects.  They were gifts for a couple of people that I thought could use a pick me up.
I am still working on the centerpiece for my seasonal corner, so more pics to come.
Enjoy then go and make a pinwheel:)

I will confess, I struggled with my adhesive.  These babies wanted to keep popping open on me. Pinning them and then anchoring them into the dowel was the sturdiest.  Otherwise, lots of glue dots.  You need something strong but also quick acting.    These look so much better in person, but then who doesn't.

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