Friday, October 26, 2012

Have a Wicked Halloween

I haven't been feeling especially well lately but had this really cute wood project that I really hated to leave for next year.  So I was braver than expected and had my children help me get it done.  My daughter especially was ecstatic.  I need to let them help more often and not be concerned with a "perfect"  project.
And here we go...
 Purchase this little pile of wood from a local wood cut craft type store:)

 Set the kids to work painting.  I did double check for paint blobs or runs, they did pretty good.

Finished project.  I used Moonlight paper Kit -item x7161B and modge podge to cover a few pieces.  I love this paper kit, very classic Halloween.  Realizing that a couple of my letters were a bit blah, I stamped a few Halloween images on them.  I think I like it, the spider and webs on the c are my fave.  As well as the fluff on the hat.
 Over all I love it.  Its not perfect but the memory of my children helping in the creation process was priceless.

Hopefully you get to use some of your creative juices this holiday season.  If you would like to share what you've done please post a pic on my facebook page  --  Thank you!

                          Happy Halloween!

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