Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Candle Decor How To

I have had many people ask me how to make these and they dont' live close enough to come over so I decided to do a little demo.  My photography isn't that great but it should show you how to get the job done!

 The materials you will need are easy, a candle (I've done a three inch pillar and the taller 6 inch, I have purchased other sizes and widths but have not finished making those yet), wax paper, tissue paper (the paper used in gift bags), black stamp pad (or other colors as you see fit), your stamp of choice (for the candles pictured I used Close To My Heart August Stamp of the Month, which is only available thru August 31 but I am planning on using other fabulous Halloween Exclusive Stamp Sets on my other candles) and last but not least your heating tool (I have a craft heater but I am sure a hot blow dryer will work)  and then the sky is the limit according to your creativity.

I place my clear stamp onto my acrylic block and am ready to go

Stamp your image on one layer of tissue paper.  Tear your image out.  Cutting it won't look as blended. Also make sure it is dry, there may be some ink transfer to your hands. 

Place your stamped image on your candle.  The next step is using a piece of wax paper to hold your image in place while you heat it. 

Use your heating tool to slowly heat the image.  It will look wet.  If you get it to hot or too close your candle will melt a bit chunky/ripply.  You have to be especially patient while heating colored candles sometimes they have a white core that could show through if you melt too deeply.
Once it is melted into the candle peel your wax paper away.  Use a soft cloth to buff the area around and over the stamped image to return its glossiness.
And of course you can spice it up a little.  Ribbon or toole are easy add-ons.  My sister recommended adding a bit of bling or glitter.  I haven't gotten that far,  yet:)

There is also the option of using stamps of Fall leaves or getting a jump on the Winter holidays and making Christmas candles.  These can make fun neighbor gifts or a little something for the mantle:)
Have Fun!!!


  1. Lovely idea - thanks for the directions.

  2. Totally love it. I actually found a bunch of stamps at Michaels for 10 cents clearance. I did this activity with my Activities day girls. It was fun. Thanx for the tutorial.

  3. I cannot wait to try this! What a great idea! Thanks bunches for the directions!