Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh the fun and simple

I love sharing ideas.  I love that others have great ideas to share.  I appreciate these people because without them,I don't know if I would seem as colorful and creative as I am today:)  Laugh Out Loud!

Anyways by way of another consultant I found a fun, simple and fantastic way to dress up those shelves and mantles for Halloween (can be tweaked for any holiday). 
This project is especially fun for those that love the Acrylic Stamp sets but don't scrapbook or make cards.
I am actually doing a Get2gether4fun gathering in September to make these little things.  So excited.  Keep up on the date and time on my Facebook page. You can do this on any sized candle.  I have bought a bunch of different sizes to experiment on this week.  I will post more of the results.  So that I don't spoil the surprise of my gathering ( of how easy this is) I am not going to post the instructions just yet.  If you email me I would be happy to let you know, especially if you don't live nearby. 
In the mean time start stocking up on the candles and the stamps you want on them:)

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  1. Hi Jesse.

    Would love to get directions for your candles. Wish I lived closer so I could attend your Get2gether4fun gathering!! (Love the name, BTW!!) Thanks for sharing!!