Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog is here!

It is here and it is delicious.  You wonder where to even start!  Pace yourselves my friends.

      *New paper collections

      * Additional Workshop On The Go projects, can we say home decor projects people

      *New colors

      *No membership fees for Studio J!!!
      *Drum roll...ANOTHER NEW CRICUT CARTRIDGE!!!!!  if you have been sitting on the fence about buying one of these sit no longer.  The Artiste Cartridge Collection has so many 3D projects it will make your head spin.  Cupcake liners?  yep.  Cute little purses?  Yep.  3D coffins to decorate for Halloween?  Of Course!  about paper 3D baby booties diaper invites for your next baby shower?  You bet!   Boxes, bags and so much more.

      *New How To Book, so affordable.  Add it to your collection of helps!

      *New options for new consultant kits.  If you've thought about joining the party...$49 for a startup kit.  Or get the full get up for $99.  Goodness me. Get this fabulous bag free for signing up in August (while supplies last).  We've got a great team to join.

If you are tempted to check it all out head to and browse the online catalog.  Wanting to place an order feel free to add yourself to my online gathering located on the bottom of

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