Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Memories shared

I have said this a few times, whether in type or by word of mouth but it seems that any time I get to craft is when I am asked to help do something for someone else.  I love this.  Twist my arm and make me be creative.  Whether its handouts for a class or helping a neighbor create her Christmas gifts it gives me the excuse.  Last week my sweet Grandmother passed away, quite quickly actually.  My mother asked me, "since I do that sort of thing", lol, to collect pictures of our family with grandma and put them on a poster board.  Well I had thousands of pictures to sift through and only 2 days to get it together but I did create something somewhat presentable I think.  I was grateful that I had ordered the Clementine paper kit on a whim and had it on hand, it worked perfectly.
Hope this gives you some creative inspiration next time you are under the clock ;)
My Grandmother loved clocks, she had more than we could count all over her house.  She also loved birds.  So I incorporated those memories in as well.  I loved having all of the supplies on hand for such project.  It made me happy.

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