Friday, January 25, 2013

Paper Owls

I pinned it and finally did it.  My Pinterest board said I pinned it 11 months ago.  I had bought the paper and the canvas and was just waiting till the motivation hit I guess.
The original owl was taken from Close To My Heart but my pin leads to nowhere so I can't link you to where I found it, it may have been on our Consultant page.  

Anyways here they are and please excuse the photographs.  The weather is really gloomy so lighting was nil.  Then I made the owls a bit glossy making using the flash a frustration. Somethings look  better in person, lol.

Size may be deceiving.  The base under the owls is a 12X12 card stock.  The original  project that I was basing mine on was just the 12x12 size canvas, but I had trouble finding inexpensive 12x12 canvas so I purchased bigger and added the embellishments to the sides.

The pieced owl was done free hand so don't go searching for the template like I did at first.  You can do it!  The embellishments or "yo yo's" were made using the Artiste cartridge from Close To My Heart.  Paper used was Elemental which is discontinued, I had bought it early last year for this project.  I dry embossed the 12x12 backing by scoring lines then sanding the raised area.  The beak and wings were adhered using foam tape to give them height.

Warning:  I used modge podge for the final adhering.  Wasn't ready for the end result.  It made my paper pucker.  So if you like your flat finish use another strong glue.  I had wanted a shiny finished look and thought it was the way to go.   It added to the look for sure.  Just be warned it will warp a bit.  Makes it look a bit plastic like, perhaps more durable ;)

 I added some stamp distressing to the canvas.  Wanted something other than just a white background.

These little cuties are going on my baby's room walls in a month or so. Yay!

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